Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fools for Christ

Here are some quotes from people planning to participate all over the country. People are exchanging ideas and sharing plans on the Facebook event site. I hope they inspire you to join us! Get creative in your context and remember to share pictures and stories from the day right here.
As a Lutheran, I hate to commit too strongly. But I'm definitely planning to maybe participate. - Eric W.

"Embracing Paradox. And coffee hour." That's the sign that will be in my front yard on September 10 in Washington DC. - Kelly B.

Sounds like fun. Though, being Lutherans, we really ought to find a way to incorporate food - like throwing candy at passing cars. :) It would be a reverse parade. Of course, people might take offense to having things thrown at them. We could throw water balloons and shout the words of baptism after them. Ha ha ha. Okay, maybe just offering people bottles of cold water (non-holy) would be a better choice.
- Amanda L.

Thanks, Meta, for challenging us to get outside our comfortable places and introduce ourselves. We'll make some plans to participate at Spirit of Joy, and maybe hand out water or another gift too! - Jeff E.

Here's a thought: invite people to bring their cardboard from sat to church on Sunday...and to leave it at the altar--followed by prayer or blessing of a living Lutheran creed... - Mary P.

I will definitely run this past council and knowing Pastors Mary Beth, Kurt, and Judy, they'll love the idea. We want to be an outward looking parish and share the word/good news of our Lord to others! It is our spiritual calling to others outside our walls-we must do the same as those that gathered at Mt. Sinai and believe without fear. - Michael G.

9/10 is my birthday! Can't think of a better way to celebrate! I'm in in Santa Clarita, California! - Pamela C.

Very Possible. Maybe my whole youth encounter team with do it with me! :) - Ellen L.

Thank you for the great idea! I'm envisioning a Living Lutheran Saturday before our Rally Sunday, and then using all of the Saturday signs in a Sunday processional. Maybe we'll create a display with the signs in our worship space too. - Randy R.

I'm with you, but I'll be affirming my Christian faith in distinction to my Lutheranism. - R. Kevin M.

I'm in. - Marc O.O.

So many corners. I'll have to get some others to join me! - Walter H.

We don't have any street "corners" in our rural parish, but we'll figure something out--maybe banners on farm tractors??? - April D.

GREAT idea. I was in Duluth, MN spectating at Grandma's Marathon this weekend. As this is a large event with large crowds, there were a fair amount of "religious folk" trying to "bring people to Jesus" by use of scare tactics - their big black and red signs read, "God's love is conditional," etc. etc. I felt sad for all the people walking by, getting a heavy dose of fear. So I agree wholeheartedly, let's come together and give out a heavy dose of God's LOVE and GRACE!!! - Maren H.

This is something that I can get excited about... this could be a way of getting the frozen chosen a little thawed out... a most excellent idea. - Paul P.

Texts for that Sunday are very interesting. I like the idea for 9-10-11. - Robert L.

This is an awesome idea and time for us Lutherans to turn the corner on becoming even more mission minded folks. BTW this event is our 35th wedding anniversary too. Thanks Barb for walking with me all these years and now as we journey evermore faithfully to do the Lord's work. - Jim P.

Will be joining and am already plotting how to work this in a rural area... - Jill S.

Cool! I am "in" and will spread the word at SELC and in the Grand Canyon Synod. - Korra L.

Edina Community Lutheran Church is IN. (or, out, for this purpose, I guess!). - Lauren M.W.

Oh, I'm intrigued!!! I'm already thinking of what to put on my sign!!!! - Sara S.

The point is powerful: the Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be taken outside the walls of the local church to the local community. Amen! And the Gospel's message needs that translation of theology and Gospel Stories into and through the stories and lives of people in relationships with one another: thus, there will only be marginal "success" if a September the 10th effort is just an ad campaign of placards on the street corner. Deep impact of the Gospel Does come via people talking authentically and deeply about Christ's work in their lives, put into words and stories what they believe and translate it into their vernacular and caringly share those stories in authentic relationships... - Randy B.

I love the awkward/awakened distinction! - Amy O.

I REALLY like this. I am so tired of people who propagate an alien gospel speaking for Christians everywhere. I am so tired of having my faith measured and judged by a conservative social agenda. And it is past time we spoke out for peace and justice--locally, nationally, and internationally. Perhaps if we who are called and claimed acted like we believed the grace we have received, it might make a difference. Suggestion: those who are thinking about participating--and I am talking to myself here--go the the elca advocacy page for issues and ideas. What is the worst that could happen? We might be, with the Apostle Paul, fools for Christ. - Chip B.