Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Feedback

"We were surprised by how much fun it was and we will do it again!"
Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran in St. Paul, MN

David in Holman, WI displayed a sign on his local bike path route.

What a deal! This reverse lemonade stand turned some heads.

Bright and early on Lowry and Oliver in North Minneapolis.

Eric, a senior at Luther Seminary, held this and wore his collar.

Today engaged Lutherans of every age.

Pastor turned farmer and momma shared her faith in Shepherd, MT.

Brian was biking in Rowlesburg, WV!

As people were driving through the fog in Urbana, OH this morning, they saw: "I believe there is a God that REALLY DOES care about us", "I believe we can overcome all of our differences in a non-violent manner", "I believe Jesus is a pacifist", "I believe all lives are precious: including those on Death Row, Illegal Aliens, the unemployed, people who use public assistance, our enemies, those who hate us, and YOU!" among other beliefs. - Michael Poole

God believes in everyone ,,,, but not everyone believes in God .... and God knows that and still loves them ,,,, someday they will believe ....just sometimes people take the long way around ,,,, and there is always a reason for everything ...Don't be scared God is there.....!!!!! - Angie Smedsrude

Thanks for starting the ball rolling on sharing our faith in the public square. Our group was surprised by how much "fun" it was! Noah counted the cars who honked in a half hour (25). Lots of waves from people who passed by, and we will do it again. - Bonnie Wilcox

Just 3 of us from St. Peter Lutheran in Prairie du Chien, WI....but who knows what seeds God planted today?!?! - Susan Onken Van Metre

‎11 of us in Victoria, TX from First English Evangelical Lutheran got together in the Texas heat! It was great! Lots of honking horns and one woman brought us some canned goods to donate to the needy. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to live our faith! - Pat Rickman

At the WV bicycling time trial in Rowlesburg, WV today. The shirt even led to some interesting discussion with folks. - Brian Bennett

In Milwaukee, WI, on the edge of the Marquette U campus, and in the poorest of the zip codes in the city. The *best* pictures would have been the looks on people's faces when they realized we were offering the lemonade AND a quarter--no catch! Our attempt to "show" what we believe about grace. Wonderful morning. - Lisa Bates-Froiland

In Rochelle, IL, we had about ten of us out. One random Facebook comment thought someone was protesting. The only negative was a mother and daughter who both gave us two thumbs down. - Steven Dow

Some have posted videos on the Facebook site. Send me the you tube link and I'll add it this week...or add it in a comment on this post yourself.


    The corner of Montrose and Westhiemer in Houston is a frequent spot for protesters, it's also 2 blocks from our church. We got a lot of thumbs up and honks. One guy slowed his car and talked to us; he said he had to drive around the block three times so he could read all of our signs.

  2. St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Elgin had members at 5 street corner locations proclaiming our faith outside. Lots of positive reactions not only remembering the 9/11 tragedy but also the wild fire tragedies very near us.