Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's that simple.

After suggesting this idea to many on Facebook, I was asked to make the information more widely accessible by starting a blog or making a poster. Well, I did both. I hope this can be a place for people and congregations to gather excitement and ideas as we prepare for September 10th.

More than 350 church leaders and Lutherans of every kind have agreed to participate so far. Most are in the Minneapolis area like me, but some are really brave and plan to hold signs in the Bay Area, rural North Dakota, Texas and Connecticut. That's pretty exciting.

Whether you stand on a corner 500 miles from the nearest person participating or just down the street, we're all bound to feel a little bit silly and a little bit brave. That's the point.

So if you wish to find us on Facebook, it's an open event page called...you guessed it: Living Lutheran Creed. If you want a flyer to use as you make plans in your community, you can find it on the homepage of my congregation's website: www.stjohnsmpls.org. Then again, I made it in Microsoft Publisher 2003 while rocking my kid to sleep and you can probably make an even cooler one yourself. (Note that there's open space on the poster to list a local time and place to gather for sign making.)

It's tempting to try and over explain this event - people want a lot of information. Some are looking for approval from their synod office or more details than I care to provide. But I'm doing my best to keep it simple. Make this event unique to your community while trusting that the same basic idea is happening all over the country.

Have fun planning and leave your comments here as you make plans for 9-10-11. It's exciting to hear the creative ideas folks are eager to share!

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